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Hire Centre Te Awamutu: Your Go-To Partner for Cherry Picker Hire

Are you looking for a cherry picker for hire? Hiring equipment as opposed to buying it is the way to go, and if you happen to have a project in Hamilton, Cambridge, or Awamutu, we are the people to call for all your equipment hire requirements.

Hire Centre Te Awamutu is centrally located to effective service Awamutu and its surrounding areas. We have an extensive range of machinery and equipment for hire for various applications, at reasonable terms and competitive prices. From furniture trailer hire in Hamilton to chainsaw rental, we do it all. You can even hire a lawnmower or something altogether bigger.

Our hire equipment includes access equipment such as scissor lifts, trailers for various applications, Heating and cooling equipment, construction equipment pumps and generators, chainsaws, earthworks equipment, farming implements, garden, and lawn equipment, and even entertainment equipment such as marquee tents and portaloos, and party hire.

What You Can Expect from Hire Centre Te Awamutu Regarding Mobile Scaffold Hire

Equipment Hire Centre Te Awamutu
When you need to hire equipment or machinery for your project in Te Awamutu, Cambridge, or Hamilton, we are at your service regardless of how big or small. Our friendly and professional team have many years of experience and will ensure that you get the right piece of equipment for your application at the right price.
  • Our equipment is kept in excellent condition, so you do not have to worry about it. We regularly carry out services and repairs to ensure you do not have to struggle with faulty equipment and machinery on site. We do our work so that you can do yours. The last thing you have to worry about is our equipment.
  • As technology advances, it is often necessary to get new machines to keep up with the latest trends and industry best practice. We regularly upgrade our equipment so that you do not have to work with old and outdated machinery and equipment. Our equipment has all the necessary features that you are likely to need.
  • Located in Awamutu, just a stone’s throw away from the towns of Cambridge and Hamilton, we can effectively service the entire area. We are the local professionals when it comes to machinery and equipment hire.
  • We offer highly competitive pricing and rental terms in Te Awamutu, Cambridge, and Hamilton. You will be hard-pressed to find a more cost-effective deal. The next time you require the services of a professional tractor hire, log splitter hire, or trailer hire in Hamilton, give us a try. You will not regret it.
  • Our range is extensive. Get whatever machinery and equipment you need all under one roof. Whether you are engaging in an industrial earthmoving or construction project, or a farming or gardening venture, we have the equipment and machines you need.
  • Our team draws from years of experience servicing a wide range of industries and stand ready to give you the best practical advice regarding the correct equipment required for your project.

Related Services We Provide to Scissor Lift Hire in Hamilton

We provide an extensive range of equipment for household use as well as for industrial, farming, and gardening applications. Before you decide to buy a piece of equipment, first check with us. Hiring equipment is much more cost-effective than buying it in the long run.

  • Access Equipment: From cherry picker hire in Hamilton, to scissor lifts, harness and lanyard, mobile scaffold towers, painter’s trestles, and planks, to extension ladders and portable work platforms, we have everything you need to make a success of your project.
  • Trailers: We have a wide variety of trailers for hire, depending on your application. These include eight by four and eight by five single axle trailers, eight by five tilt single axle trailers, tandem axle trailers, cage trailers, car transporters, tractor transporters, motorbike trailers, furniture trailers and horse floats. When it comes to Te Awamutu, Cambridge, and Hamilton trailer hire, we are the people to call.
  • Heating and Cooling Equipment: We carry heating and cooling equipment for both industrial and residential use, including diesel heaters, patio heaters, and various sizes of fans. The patio heaters come with a gas bottle.
  • Construction Equipment and Machinery: We offer an extensive array of construction equipment and machinery for hire in Te Awamutu, Hamilton, and Cambridge, including gib lifters, power floats, concrete petrol vibrators, towable electric concrete mixers, and concrete saw hire. We also have wheelbarrows, brick saws, tile cutters, dehumidifiers, pole sanders and ole sanding disks, domestic and industrial vacuum cleaners and carpet blowers, extractor fans, airless spray painters, small, medium, and large demolition breakers, framing guns, finishing guns and steel benders.
  • Pumps and Generators: We offer a variety of pumps for hire. Whatever your application, you will find the pump or generator that you require. Our products include trash pups, flexi-drive pumps, and submersible pumps. Our generator range includes 2kva, 3kva, 3.5kva, 5kva, and 6kva inverters.
  • Chainsaws: Our extensive range of Stihl chainsaws include 16-inch bar, 18-inch bar, 20-inch bar, and 28-inch bar variations. We also stock the Stihl Combi System Engine and various system attachments.
  • Earthworks Equipment and Machinery: Our range of earthworks equipment and machinery is unparalleled in the region. If you need digger hire in Hamilton, give us a call today. We also offer digger borer attachments, 1.5-ton rollers, dingo’s, trencher hire, bucket attachments, tractors with or without buckets, tractor rotary hoe attachments, small, medium, and large compactors, and a variety of post hole borers.
  • Lawn and Garden Equipment and Machinery: Whatever you are farming or gardening requirements, we have what you need. Our products include towable chippers, wood splitters, with or without ring lifters, line trimmers, edger, scrub cutters, hedge trimmer hire, electric water blasters, petrol water blasters, towable water blasters, garden hoe, rotary hoe, lawn dethatches, hand lawn rollers, knapsack sprayers, contract mowers, lawnmowers, stump grinder hire, lawn sprayers, seed spreaders, and Billy Goat Vacuums.
  • Entertainment Equipment: You know what they say about all work and no play. Our range of entertainment equipment includes single tailored portaloos, double tailored portaloos, various BBQ’s and medium and large-sized spits, which include gas bottles.
  • Bulk Supplies: In addition to equipment and machinery rentals, we also offer various bulk construction products, including mortar sand, pit sand, builder’s mix, and 25kg cement bags.
Scissor Lift Hire in Hamilton

What Sets Hire Centre Te Awamutu Apart Regarding Loader Hire in NZ?

Machinery and Equipment Hire in Te Awamutu

Hire Centre Te Awamutu is the industry-leading company when it comes to machinery and equipment hire in Te Awamutu, Cambridge, and Hamilton. Whether you are looking for a carpet cleaner hire, a floor sander for hire, or a loader attachment hire, we have you covered. Implements, equipment, and machinery is our business, and we are proud of it.

  • As a local business, we are community-based, and community focussed. We live in the communities that we serve, and our reputation is everything to us. We have worked extremely hard over the years to build our reputation for fairness and reliability in the regions and among the communities that we serve, and we do not take that lightly. We serve our customers with the utmost dignity and respect.
  • We offer service with a smile. Even on the busiest day, you will find your interaction with our professional team refreshing. We encourage a culture of positivity among ourselves and our staff. We believe that this is evident in the friendly and highly efficient service that we extend to our customers in Te Awamutu, Hamilton, and Cambridge. Give us a try. You will be pleasantly surprised.
  • When it comes to equipment or machinery hire, we are the local professionals in Te Awamutu, Hamilton, and Cambridge. Our team is knowledgeable on all the equipment and machinery that we stock, including each implement and machine’s operation and the best application for each. Do not hesitate to ask if you need advice on the operation of the equipment or which implement would be best for your specific application.
  • We insist on professional and honourable conduct in everything we do, both at work and in our personal lives. We expect nothing less than the best from ourselves and our staff. From first contact to contract completion, you will find that we take service delivery extremely seriously. Our customers are our number one priority, and we will always go the extra mile to ensure you get what you need to complete your project successfully.
  • We offer a straightforward service with no hidden costs or obscure terms and conditions. We do not like nasty surprises, and we’re sure you don’t either. When dealing with us, you will know exactly what you are getting, what our responsibilities are in terms of our agreement, and your responsibilities regarding the use of our machinery and equipment. There are no grey areas.
  • We do not let the grass grow under our feet. We know that project timelines are strict, so we will not waste your time. You can expect our team to deliver on their promises promptly.
  • Being a community-based and community-focused business means that we get to know our customers quite well. No customer is the same as the next, and we endeavour to deliver a personalised service of the highest standard to each of our customers.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Mini Loader Hire

Most people mistakenly think that outright owning equipment and machinery is better and more cost-effective in the long than opting to hire machinery and equipment as and when needed. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There are many other costs and drawbacks associated with owning equipment than just the massive capital outlay it takes to purchase it.

Hiring your machinery and equipment as and when needed will undoubtedly save you a lot of money in the long run. It also comes with many other benefits.

  • Equipment and machinery are prohibitively expensive, but that is not the only cost involved in owning your own machinery and equipment. Regular servicing and maintenance of equipment does not come cheap. Over time, you are likely to spend quite a bundle on maintaining said machinery and equipment. Hiring equipment saves you from having to worry about services and maintenance costs.
  • We regularly carry out services and maintenance tasks on all our machinery and equipment. This way, you know that the implements you have hired are in excellent condition. You do not have to worry about maintaining them or untimely breakdowns on site that cost you time and money.
  • As technology advances, affecting the best practice, and therefore the equipment required in many industries, it becomes necessary to replace and upgrade machinery from time to time. Hiring equipment means you do not have to worry about staying up to date with the latest available machinery, as the onus to do this falls on us.
  • We employ people who are professionals at servicing and maintaining our machines and equipment. Owning a machine or piece of equipment means you will have to pay someone to maintain it or repair it when it inevitably breaks down. Hiring equipment as and when needed does not only save you money in the long run. It also greatly simplifies your life.
  • Storing equipment and machinery takes a lot of space. Some equipment and machines need to be stored away from the harsh NZ elements. The premises also need to be secure to ensure that your valuable equipment is not stolen. Such a premises does not come cheap either. We ensure that all our machinery and equipment is adequately and appropriately stored.
  • Equipment and machinery need to be insured, against possible damage or theft, to name a few. Even when it is not in use. This comes at a cost, which we gladly carry, meaning you do not have to.
  • There are many considerations to consider when deciding whether to buy or rent equipment and machinery, including the costs involved in hiring versus the capital outlay. You also need to consider the finance costs of ownership over the lifetime of the implement, the frequency of use, and much more. In addition, many regulations come about as industries modernise. When hiring machinery and equipment, the onus of having machinery and equipment comply with relevant regulations, including everything from emissions to safety, falls on us and not you.
Hire Machinery and Equipment

About Hire Centre Te Awamutu

We are the local professionals when it comes to machinery and equipment hire. We endeavour to save our customers time and money by supplying them with top quality implements when and where they need it, at a reasonable and highly competitive price, and at terms that are clear and transparent. Our customers in Te Awamutu, Hamilton, and Cambridge can attest to our equipment’s excellent quality and the high level of service that we provide. The next time you embark on a new project in Te Awamutu, Hamilton, or Cambridge, be it a gardening, farming, industrial earthmoving, or construction project, please consider Hire Centre Te Awamutu as your equipment and machinery hire company of choice. You will not be disappointed. Do not hesitate. Contact us today for all your equipment and machinery hire requirements.


No need to outlay money buying, you can have immediate access to our extensive range of the latest equipment.


The right equipment makes the most difficult job easy, the work is safer and helps you be more productive.


We are constantly upgrading to our range to provide the most reliable equipment. All serviced and tested for reliable hiring.


A extensive range of construction and access equipment that you may need from time-to-time on the work site.


Specialist equipment and tools that will help you complete your latest project like a professional and to the highest standard.


Outdoor power equipment will help you to keep your property looking its best in no time at all.

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